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H14 HEPA + Activated Carbon Air Purifier / Air Cleaner

H14 HEPA + Activated Carbon Air Purifier / Air Cleaner
4th December 2020

H14 HEPA + Activated Carbon Air Purifier / Air Cleaner

(3 Stage Filtration including Tested True H14 HEPA Filter + Activated Carbon Filter)

For Office, Waiting Room, Doctors / Dental Surgeries, Gyms, and Domestic Homes

  • H14 HEPA Air Purifier / Air Cleaner incorporating 3 stage filtration for cleaning the air in indoor environments.
  • Removes Fine particulates down to 0.1 microns with a leak tested True H14 HEPA Filter to EN 1822
  • Removes Coarse Particulates using a 65% Coarse Panel Air Filter to ISO 16890
  • Removes Odours, VOCs and pollutant gases with a deep bed activated carbon filter
  • Powerful fans operate up to 500m3/hr (small) and 700m3/hr (large)
  • The air purifier / air cleaner can be ducted for use in medical isolation rooms
  • The Air Purifier can be ducted and combined with fan coil vent systems in offices to improve filtration
  • All Filters, and the Air Purifier Manufacture in our Kent, UK factory.


The Airclean H14 HEPA Air Purifier / Air Cleaner will clean air in indoor environments by the removal of ultra fine particulates, odours, VOCs and Pollutant gases.  The H14 HEPA Filter used in the Air Purifier is a True and individually Tested H14 HEPA offering filtration down to 0.1 micron particulates.  The deep bed Activated Carbon Filter offers a long contact time maximising its capability and life for the removal of odours, VOCs, and pollutant gases including Nitrogen Dioxide.

The Airclean H14 HEPA Air Purifier has been designed and manufactured in the UK in our Kent factory.  Airclean have been manufacturing HEPA air filters for medical, clean room and air purifier use for 30+ years.

Air Purifier
/ Cleaner
The Airclean HEPA Air Purifier will improve air quality, and reduce infection transmission in any scenario, independent of existing heating and cooling systems, by recirculating and cleaning the air.


Negative Pressure
Infection Control
By adding a duct outlet to the top of the HEPA Air Purifier, the unit can be set up to discharge through a wall, or window creating a negative pressure. This function can be used in hospitals or carehomes to prevent infection spread, whilst ensuring the discharged air is safe.
Fan Coil
Ventilation Systems
The Airclean HEPA Air Purifier can be mounted in a room and ducted to supply fresh clean air to the back of existing fan coil air conditioning. The fan in the Air Purifier allows the system to be balanced, allowing existing fan coil fans, to handle the strain.


The HEPA Air Purifier includes a 2-speed switch giving users access to a trickle and boost setting. The two speeds are pre-set when supplied, and can be fully adjusted by two discreet dials located in the base of the unit, to allow for fine control as required.

The unit is constructed from a combination of plastic-coated steel, and powder coated steel, which is hygienic and cleanable as required.

HEPA Air Purifiers come as standard, with white label branding. The unit does offer available space for corporate branding, or an awareness campaign as required.

Power: 80 Watts, Single Phase, 240V, 1 amp (HAP500) / 160 Watts, Single Phase, 240V, 2 amp (HAP675)

Noise: 40 to 60 dBA ( 5-100% Speed Setting (HAP500) )

Coarse 65% Pleated Panel Filters – The first filter in the Airclean HEPA Air Purifier is designed to remove large particulates including PM10 and PM2.5 and acts to pre filter air prior to entering the unit.  This filter meets ISO16890 to Coarse 65%
(Anticipated Change Rate – 6 Months Maximum)

Activated Carbon Filter – The Activated Carbon Filter contains up to 3.5 kilos of Virgin Activated Carbon attaining a contact time long enough to remove odours, VOCs, and pollutant gases.  This filter has one of the deepest carbon beds available in an air purifier, guaranteeing maximum removal efficiency and life.
(Anticipated Change Rate – 1 Year Maximum)

H14 HEPA Filter (True and Tested) – The Airclean HEPA Filter is individually DOP Scan Tested to meet EN1822.  Filters are efficient will remove particulates down to 0.1 micron, and tested to be 99.997% efficient at 0.3 microns.  Our unique mounting system ensures that air will not bypass the HEPA.
(Anticipated Change Rate – 1 Year Maximum)

Model Part Number Maximum Airflow
(not ducted*)
Total Weight (approx.) Dims. (mm) Included Filters
Excl Carbon Incl Carbon H W D
m3/hr l/s m3/hr l/s
HAP500 1845201 500 140 180 50 65kg 1000 425 425 Coarse + Activated Carbon + H14 HEPA
HAP675 1845205 675 190 250 70 80kg 1000 700 450 Coarse + Activated Carbon + H14 HEPA
1845203 Ducted Outlet Option for HAP500 HEPA Air Purifier – 200mm Diameter*
1845204 Ducted Inlet Option for HAP500 HEPA Air Purifier – 200mm Diameter*
1845207 Ducted Outlet Option for HAP675 HEPA Air Purifier – 300mm Diameter*
1845208 Ducted Inlet Option for HAP675 HEPA Air Purifier – 300mm Diameter*

*Where a system is to be used in a ducted system maximum airflow duty will be reduced depending on the external pressure of a system. For details please contact your air movement distributor or Airclean for further details.

Spare Filters
Pre Filter Carbon Filter HEPA Filter
Small 1130538 1610904 1510870
Large 1130539 1610905 1510871