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Bespoke Air Handling Units

Bespoke Air Handling Units
2nd July 2019

Your application and specification are unique, and we design and manufacture Air Handling Units to meet those criteria. They can be for the simple ventilation projects through heat recovery, or for the onerous hospital and cleanroom applications.

Our range of speciality designs includes vertical airflow, side by side heat recovery or top and bottom airflow, for both indoor and external locations.

Utilising the latest designs of EC fans, we can offer high efficiencies or low noise as your essential design criteria. The various control systems we utilise can be installed during manufacture to minimise site installation, even to the ultimate plug and play, where the air conditioning condensers form part of the unit.

A starting point for your design…

ahu diagram catalogue 2019 pic (Custom)
Airflow 30mm Aluminium Pentapost with 25mm insulated panel 50mm Aluminium Pentapost with 45mm insulated panel
m3/s Width Height Fan Length Width Height Fan Length
0.94 650 750 800 700 800 800
1.5 1050 750 1000 1100 800 1000
1.97 1250 750 1100 1300 800 1100
2.78 1250 1050 1200 1300 1050 1200

We often have to design units to fit onto existing bases and plant rooms, where we build the unit, and then supply it to the client in kit form ready for our associated engineers to assemble to our manufacturing standards.

The table below gives an idea of how much space the design may require to accommodate the various modules, for filters, heating/cooling and heat recovery.

Various constructions are available to meet strength, air leakage and thermal transmittance along with an Anodised Aluminium Pentapost construction, incorporating a thermal break between the inner and outer surfaces of the AHU.

Panels can be constructed to various standards to meet the thermal transmittance requirements or noise breakout from the fan and motors.

Thermal Break System offers D1, L1, T2, TB2 to EN1886

L Coils Filters Miscellaneous Heat Recovery
300mm 1-2 Row Panel: 47/97 G4 Damper
400mm 3-4 Row Bag: 300mm G4 Heat Wheel
500mm 4-8 Row
600mm 8-10 Row/Elims Bag: 500mm- F9 Access Run Around Coils
700mm Bag: 600mm -F9 Attenuators
900mm Attenuators HR Block

For 30mm P.P construction add 60mm to give crate length L
For 50mm P.P construction add 100mm to give crate length L