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Kitchen Extract AHU

Kitchen Extract AHU
3rd April 2023

Kitchen Extract AHU systems are designed to control nuisance grease, smoke and odour discharge from commercial kitchens in line with DW172 and the DEFRA standards.

The units are designed to meet the requirements of light duty through to heavy duty as described by DEFRA assessments, and can include smoke control as well as grease and odour, where the activated carbon contact times range from 0.1 to 0.4 seconds, and can be even higher.

These can be utilised in various other applications where odour control is required from waste areas and bin stores, and can be manufactured for both internal and external applications.

The units are not designed for odour control where explosive or flammable gases are present.

All in one Air Handling Units for the removal of hot air, and pollutants from kitchen canopies including filtration systems, for Grease, Smoke and Odour.

  • Fan + Grease, Odour and Smoke Solutions in one AHU
  • 0.5 – 9m3/s (Greater on Request)
  • Pre + Secondary Filters
  • Electrostatic and UV / Ozone for Smoke and Odour Control
  • Carbon Filters for odour and / or ozone reduction
  • Advice and Solutions to meet local authority guidelines
  • Maintenance Support
  • Internal or External Mounting
  • Flat Pack Available for Site assembly where access is tight