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Inline Duct Heaters for HVAC systems

Inline Duct Heaters for HVAC systems
1st October 2020

An increasing variety of buildings and industries employ VEAB duct heaters for the primary heating of fresh air supply in HVAC systems, for supplementary heating to individual zones and rooms, and for heating air supplies in industrial processes.
They can be supplied with thermostats and temperature controls as well as “run on timers” for fan control.

VEAB – Rectangular Duct Heaters

Rectangular duct heaters are available in ratings up to 2000 kW and are used for heating the supply air in duct systems, central ventilation units and for industrial processes. If correctly rated, rectangular duct heaters can provide heating for entire houses and buildings. Our flexible production system enables us to adapt the duct heaters accurately to the application. This may be heaters for air handling units, industrial processes or very arduous environments. This may involve the need for strengthened electrical insulation, the use of stainless steel, high power ratings, high operating temperatures or the like.

VEAB – Circular Duct Heaters

Circular electric duct heaters are used for heating the ventilation air supplied to rooms and zones with individually controlled temperatures. In correctly designed systems, they can also heat the entire building. Circular electric duct heaters are also used for reheating the supply air in ventilation units with heat recovery. The duct heaters are available with built-in electronic regulator or for external control. All stocked heaters have an electronic flow monitor as standard.

Single Phase 240/50/1
Duct mm Diameter Airflow Range m3/s Power Range
100 0.01 – 0.05 0.4 – 0.6kW
120 0.02 – 0.08 0.3 – 1.8kW
160 0.02 – 0.08 0.3 – 2.7kW
200 0.03 – 0.15 0.6 – 5.4kW
250 0.03 – 0.21 0.6 – 5.4kW
315 0.11 – 0.5 0.9 – 5.4kW
400 0.18 – 0.9 3 – 4kW
3 Phase 400/50/30
Duct mm Diameter Airflow Range m3/s Power Range
200 0.03 – 0.15 6kw
250 0.05 – 0.21 6 – 12kW
315 0.11 – 0.5 6 – 12kW
400 0.18 – 0.9 6 – 12kW

For higher kWs or IP 55/65 Ratings, the rectangular range are offered. Circular connections are available for the rectangular range
Stainless Steel casings are available
All have both manual and automatic over temperature cut outs
Power kW = airflow rate m3/s x 1.2 x 1.02 x (TEMP RISE °C)

ATEX heaters for hazardous areas

  • Adaptations to suit offshore, chemical or oil industries
  • Power ratings 1kw to 1000kw
  • Available with 304 or 316 stainless steel casings
  • For use in areas in which the dangers of explosion are due to gases or fumes (Cat 2G)
  • Dimensions from 200mm up to 3000mm
  • Temperature class T3
  • Protection class IP66
  • Max outlet temperature 40°C
  • Range of voltages ~ 230V/400V/440V/690V

ATEX classification in accordance to: EX II 2G Ex eb db mb IIC T3 Gb