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HEPA Filters – Retrofitting in Various Scenarios

HEPA Filters – Retrofitting in Various Scenarios
16th June 2020

TECHNICAL BULLETIN : HEPA Filters for Infection Control – Retrofitting in Various Scenarios
Date: 12th June 2020

This technical bulletin aims to explain various scenarios and methods of using HEPA filters to introduce infection control in the workplace, hospitals, homes, schools, and other indoor environments.

Improved ventilation and infection control are becoming a requirement in all indoor environments in light of the Corona Virus Pandemic.  In some scenarios this will include HEPA filters which can be difficult to retrofit into situations due to their high resistance to airflow, bulky nature and specialist installation requirements.

The following scenarios show how the Airclean HEPA Air Purifier, or Airclean Fan + Filter Indoor Air Quality Filtration System, can be used to quickly retrofit HEPA filtration into your indoor environment, with minimal disruption.


Extract : Standalone fan extracts through wall mounted HEPA Terminal Housing maximising infection control, both in and out of the room.


Extract : Airclean HEPA Air Purifier in extract setup discharging through wall or window, to put room under negative pressure.

All Scenarios – No HVAC Option – Care Home, Office, School, etc…

The Airclean HEPA Air Purifier will improve air quality, and reduce infection transmission in any scenario, independent of existing heating and cooling systems, by recirculating and cleaning the air.

FAN COIL SYSTEMS – Scenario 1 (Restaurants, Offices)

The Airclean HEPA Air Purifier can be mounted in a room and ducted to supply fresh clean air to the back of existing fan coil air conditioning. The fan in the Air Purifier allows the system to be balanced, allowing existing fan coil fans, to handle the strain.


The Airclean Fan + Filter Unit can be mounted in the ceiling void supporting an existing fan coil, or air handling unit, to improve filtration. The fan within the Fan + Filter Unit removes any additional load on existing equipment.

For more information, or to discuss you HEPA filter requirements please contact our technical team at sales@absolair.co.uk, or call 01206 625 009